The Team Behind Miguel’s Mexican Bar & Grill 
Has A Total Of Almost 50 Years’ Experience In The Restaurant Industry. 

Miguel Martin - Owner

Miguel honed his skills in the restaurant industry at a young age. Starting as an hourly employee he worked his way up to the position of Regional Manager with Specialty Restaurants overseeing the day to day operations of five full-service restaurants in Colorado. Miguel has been in Colorado now for almost 25 years and has been an owner/operator for the last 15 years guiding and directing his company Carlos Miguel’s from one small restaurant up to the current operation of 4 restaurants located in key markets all over Colorado. Miguel’s business acumen, his never-ending drive to continuously raise the bar and set industry standards. 

Manuel Pacheco - Executive Chef and Owner

Manual has possessed a passion for cooking ever since he can remember. His presence, guidance, and direction in the kitchen has enabled him to become a phenomenally successful and highly valued Executive Owner. In his current position as Corporate Owner he oversees all six culinary operations of Carlos Miguel’s. Manual’s knowledge of continental cuisine is extensive coming from many years as Regional Owner with Specialty Restaurants, overseeing the culinary operations of three restaurants with a continental menu. Manuel’s dedication to excellence in the kitchen, his passion of delivering the highest quality possible to each guest in every restaurant he has ever worked will ensure success at Miguel’s Mexican Bar & Grill.

This team came together while working at Specialty Restaurants. Miguel and Manuel were previously working together in California. Together the two industry professionals took the Colorado region to new heights. The two recently reunited and is eager to seize the opportunity that will be present at Miguel’s Mexican Bar & Grill.